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Sheet piles are structural sections of sheet materials with interlocking edges that can either be driven into the ground for better stability to provide earth retention and excavation support. It is installed in sequence to design depth along the planned excavation perimeter or seawall alignment. The interlocked sheet piles form a wall for permanent or temporary lateral earth support with reduced groundwater inflow. Anchors can be included to provide additional support if required.


  • It is recyclable and reusable.

  • It is available in wide range of lengths, size and steel options.

  • It can be used for temporary and permanent structures.

  • It can be installed using silent and vibration-free methods.

  • Faster installation than contiguous or secant walls.

  • It provides a narrow joint to form an effective water seal.

  • It is light in weight, to make an easy lift and handling

  • Length and design of the pile are easily adaptable

  • The joints are designed to withstand the high pressure necessary for them to be placed in place

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