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Geotubes also known as Geotextile tubes are large bags made of permeable woven geotextiles, which are stronger than standard sand bags. It is one of the most effective components that are most usually used in protective structure of waterproof erosion.


Using geotextile tubes for erosion control offers additional environmental benefits. The geotextile helps clean rainwater runoff of fertilizers and other harmful chemicals.

Geotubes are excellent for a variety of dewatering projects because they are both easy to use and cost-effective. Some of the uses are Land reclamation, Island creation, Shoreline erosion control, Revetments, Breakwaters, Dams and dikes.


  • It can release clear water that can often be returned to the waterway and recirculated through the system.

  • It’s customizable, allowing you to save costly and finite land space.

  • It can be stacked on top of each other or placed in mobile containers, perfect for project sites with limited workspace.

  • It was designed for Large Dewatering Applications

  • It is efficient, versatile and environmentally friendly.

  • It made of a strong textile that can withstand all weather conditions.

  • It can help reduce operational safety risks.

  • It will be cost-effective and low maintenance.

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