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A set of competent experts in the field of construction and enviro-engineering formally organized DI Slope Works Construction Services recently to provide quality products and services.


DI Slope Works Construction Services

believes that excellent execution is not defined by the price but the quality of workforce and management.

Our qualified management team is accompanied by highly experienced consultants to provide excellently services by utilizing products that consider the natural structure and safety of the environment, and the financial capacity of clients.

DI Slope Works Construction Services

is dedicated to organizations or Individuals seeking construction service. We are committed to providing the best possible construction expertise & service to ensure cost effective and successful projects.

Our Mission

  • shall provide the experience to meet the challenge of everyone’s construction concerns as safety, cost effective services of highest level of quality and aesthetic values


  • To build a long-lasting relationship with clients by providing quality Geosynthetic products and services with excellent execution, equipped workforce, and professional management.

Our Vision

  • To grow by continually providing significant products, services, and solutions to markets we already serve – and to expand into new areas that build on our competencies and customer interests.


  • To be a licensed General Contactor that supplies quality Geosynthetic products and services for private and government projects nationwide by December 2026.

Our Values

  • We deeply believe in maintaining the highest standard of professionalism, safety, integrity, creativity, positive attitude, delivery that meets expectations while offering prompt and lasting solutions that stand the test of time.

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